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Make your $150 refundable deposit online (+5.00 online processing fee) via credit card or PayPal or at any area TBN Meeting via check or cash (no processing fee). After payment is received we will email you a TBN-Partner form to upload your display advertisement to your chosen category on the TBN-Partner listings page. After the form is approved we will notify you of your approved listing and partnership and provide you $50 in TBN Rewards Coupons to be used at any participating TBN Partner location. Contact us if you have any questions.

If you like our networking meetings we have a way you can help support us and help us help you even more. You can become a TBN-Partner with a NO Risk one time deposit of $150.00 + $5.00 admin fee. There are NO annual renewals and NO additional required fees! TBN guarantees you will receive more value than your one time deposit the first year or we will refund the difference.

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2nd & Last Friday every month

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5851 Park Blvd N
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